Tuesday, May 11, 2004

My last day in college is today

today is the last day of my undergraduate studies...after 5 years, and about $160,000, im supposed to be educated. well, ya know how they say that the correctional and rehabilitation process we have in this country doesnt always, if ever, work? thats exactly how college was for me. i didnt learn anything about myself that i didnt already know...well, perhaps i learned how low i was willing to sink, but even that wasnt too spectacular. as far as my engineering education...i remember little, if any, of it. and at the time, i wasnt getting good grades in those classes anyway, which is probably why at 23 years old i still have to take a test at a community college tonight to see if i get my UR degree.

i always find it hard to come out and say everything honestly about the way i went through college, because for certain people, they would be crushed to know about the way i treated my studies and my body. i mean, i always kept things in check, or at least an arms length, but in a few cases things got away from me and i scored an F or two, and a few D's. i did have a good way of playing them off though, as if i was a victim, so my parents never gave much of a shit. i think they were just happy i was at a top 40 school and at least thriving as an individual.

now that the topic's open, i might as well delve into the study habits thing a little bit...it may strike you as interesting. i was a classic procrastinator, just like 99% of everyone else on this planet. i still havent taken my physics final which i originally missed 4 years ago. i gave it a try a few times, but something always came up...i think i eventually just got a D- out of it so the professor didnt have to deal with me. i would always find some way to put things off until the last minute, unless of course it was something i actually liked, but this isnt news to anyone really. my favorite thing to do was to wait til thursday night to do my homework due friday, and then just get all frustrated and be like "oh fuck it" and then just drink. i think i justified that one with the "it's been a long week, i can just go drink and forget about it." there was also mass amounts of "sharing" of work, but i wont get into anything too criminal on this blog. ok, back to work for a bit, need to scan some documents...yippee! stay tuned

Day One

knowing that few, if any, people will read this...i'm going to go ahead and format it the way i want. no caps, lots of stupid aim abbreviations i picked up along the way, and with the gratuitous use of foul language. well, maybe not gratutious, but at my discretion. i'll also be a cut and paster...as i spend most of my day bunkered down in my cubicle, i will have to write these blogs in a fake email, then post em up when the coast is clear...God bless capitalism.

so, with those details out of the way, we can start getting into the good stuff.
me: im about 23, i say about 23 cause im actually more like 12, but if you subtract my birth year from 2004, you get 23 so says the man. i think there are not many ppl out there willing to admit that one can be both immature and mature at the same time...it's just all about context. ex, i still stick my head under the covers if i toot at night, and laugh pretty loudly, but i know when to be quiet and shake hands politely..it's just a game i guess. moving along.
um, im in the process of graduation from the university of rochester. i say in process because i have my final exam tonight for a class im taking at community college. i needed 3 more credits to finish, so even though ive already gone through commencement, and an extra semester, it just isnt over yet.

other big things going on, i just purchased a new car 3 weeks ago. im in love with it, but i definitely have new car syndrome as a user of a message board. everytime someone posts something about "this tiny niggling problem" i run out to my car to see if i have it...it's an obsession really, but at least i know it's mostly in my head.

im also going to law school in the fall in washington DC. surprisingly i got into some decent schools after spending the better part of my undergraduate years watching TV and copying homework. but ill get more into that later.

presently i live at home with my parents, but i do have a separate entrance and private bath...its very apartment like, so i can bring my friends over without feeling too odd. none of them would give a shit either way, but it's nice to feel at least somewhat separated...come to think of it, i felt pretty separated from them yesterday when i paid 500 for insurance and my first car payment.

my job is also something ill get into in more detail later, so for now, those are the basics.

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